Regional presence

Regional presence


Schaeffler has numerous production plants and research and development facilities in Germany. Schaeffler AG’s corporate headquarters are located in Herzogenaurach in Northern Bavaria.


In addition to its large production sites in Western Europe – primarily in France, Italy and Spain – Schaeffler has important manufacturing plants in Eastern Europe.

Asia/Pacific [--break--] 

Schaeffler has been well established in Asia for many years. The company’s regional headquarters are in Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China. In addition, with its own locations, particularly its large production sites, in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and India, Schaeffler is present throughout the entire region.

North America

Schaeffler Group USA Inc.’s regional headquarters are located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. In addition to six production plants in South Carolina, the company has further locations in Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Missouri, Canada, and Mexico.

South America

Schaeffler has been present in South America for over 50 years. The company’s regional headquarters are based in Sorocaba, Brazil.

Regional presence – overview

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Overview Germany Europe Asia/Pacific North America South America
Revenue 2,856 3,452 2,349 1,409 628
Employees 29,443 22,004 11,181 6,781 4,622
Production plants 24 19 13 12 2
R&D facilities 13 9 10 7 1