MOVE – our course to [--break--]  operational excellence

“Our company’s objective is to offer [--break--]  customers the best quality on a long-term basis. This can only be achieved if we are [--break--] all committed to our zero-defect principle. This principle is our benchmark.”

Walter Suess, Head of Quality

Our world is changing. Every day. Modern global companies have to adapt to changing conditions constantly. Schaeffler has therefore introduced an innovative and holistic principle for structuring how we work. We call [--break--]  it MOVE.

Our zero-defect principle: Striving for perfection and excellent quality through optimal utilization of all resources.

At Schaeffler, we have committed ourselves to the zero-defect principle [--break--]  and constantly apply it in manufacturing our high-quality products across the globe. We live this principle at all our production locations every day – worldwide. We have taken this principle to a new dimension throughout our company thanks to a comprehensive and innovative program we have called MOVE.

MOVE means more than processes; in our company, this acronym represents the German phrase “Mehr Ohne VErschwendung”, “more without waste” in English. It stands for a holistic program to increase efficiency that puts our top priority of achieving zero-defects on a new and improved footing. MOVE sets us on our course towards perfection and excellent long-term quality by making the best possible use of all of our companies’ resources.

We began implementing MOVE in 2008. What started as a promising project then is now a sophisticated system that we are proud of. We have had permanent MOVE academies in place at all our production locations since the end of 2011. They provide practical relevance that demonstrates the principle of efficiency and has quickly proved to be [--break--]  a great advantage.

“MOVE significantly increases [--break--]  the efficiency of our manufacturing  [--break--] processes. Our customers really  [--break--] appreciate that.”

Oliver Jung, Member of the Executive Board Global Operations [--break--]  and Development of Production Methods

The Schaeffler production system, which originated from MOVE, synchronizes all processes and procedures, [--break--]  not only in production, but across the entire company. Work is organized based on the value stream design. Production is flow-oriented, materials are moved based on the pull principle, and production volumes are geared towards our customers’ requirements. This holistic approach has led to significantly higher flexibility and considerable increases in productivity.

MOVE projects examine the potential for optimization within all segments at each location – [--break--]  from planning and procurement right up to production. During subsequent implementation, [--break--] the results of all MOVE activities are always accessible and can be checked against defined parameters. This transparency allows everyone involved to clearly see, understand, and [--break--] experience further improvements to work processes.

We put on more than 1,000 MOVE workshops worldwide and throughout our company in 2011. These workshops were held by specially-trained employees who are also responsible for [--break--]  ensuring that the knowledge gained in the workshops is put into practice. This brings us to [--break--] the core component of MOVE: Our employee’s personal responsibility.

Only those employees who personally put MOVE into practice every day can successfully pass [--break--]  on their knowledge of potential for more efficiency to their co-workers, thus laying the foundation for our long-term success. MOVE is our basis for safeguarding the zero-defect principle in a constantly changing world and for living up to our high standard of quality.