Identifying challenges – creating solutions

“We currently manufacture more than 150,000 dry double clutches per month and the number of [--break--]  customers and applications is continually growing.”

Norbert Indlekofer, Member of the Executive Board Transmission Systems

Anyone who wants to be a perfect entrepreneur has to understand more than just his own business. He has [--break--]  to know his customers’ expectations and consistently  [--break--] think beyond them. That is the only way to generate the innovative customized solutions we develop at Schaeffler.

The double clutch is one of the most complex components in modern automobiles: It comprises more than 500 individual parts. The number of carmakers and their customers who are convinced of the benefits of this highly innovative technology has grown significantly.

Together with the engine, the transmission is the core of every automobile. Accordingly, manufacturers have always paid particular attention to optimizing this key area of their vehicles. Schaeffler has always been a reliable partner providing them with an impressive range of innovations. This will also be our role in the future because we ask ourselves the same questions that our customers ask, and because we work with them to create advanced solutions.

In 2008, we set a milestone in transmission technology by launching our dry double clutches onto the market. This product is currently the key element of the most efficient type of transmission worldwide. With this double clutch, we have not only succeeded in convincing our existing customers; we have also won renowned automobile and transmission manufacturers as new customers thanks to our drive and understanding of systems. Together we have found a way to make their automobiles even more efficient: Dry clutch linings are fitted in double clutch transmissions capable of shifting gears in a flash without interrupting the tractive force. The use of this transmission results in reductions in fuel consumption of up to 10 % compared with conventional automatic transmissions. We have now delivered more than two million of these components.

This is even more remarkable considering the double clutch is one of the most complex components in modern automobiles: Including the electromechanical actuator system, the double clutch supplied by Schaeffler comprises more than 500 individual parts that we produce in close cooperation with and close proximity to our customers in our manufacturing locations across the world. The LuK hybrid damper and the dry double clutch are among the innovations that have been nominated for or have already won us awards.

In addition to the double clutch, we also supply dual mass flywheels that are specifically tailored to customers’ individual requirements and round out our range of products for transmission systems. We produce engagement systems designed for double clutch transmissions, control units, and all bearing solutions specifically required for this transmission. All in all, the total number of individual parts produced by Schaeffler for a double clutch transmission amounts to over a thousand parts that are perfectly matched to each other, customized and [--break--]  long lasting. That is our understanding of customer service today.